Options for Short Black Hairstyles 2016

There are numerous cute short black hairstyles 2016 that you can choose. All of them will be great on your black hair. Black hair is always looking great and gorgeous. That is why adding more stylish hairstyle will make the hair looks even better. Below are several cute short black hairstyles 2016 that you can try.
1. Black Jet Hairstyle
Black jet hairstyle is an asymmetrical hairstyle with amazing look. It is completed by dynamic and versatile look as well. There are two sides that you can get from this kind of hairstyle. The first one is the medium length side hair with cute cut so that your hair can look even better and the second side has even shorter cut so that it look more dynamic. This hairstyle can be used to show off your favorite earrings.

short hairstyles with black jet color


older women short hair with black jet color


cute bob short hairstyle with black jet color


black jet color short hair african american women


cute short hairstyle with black jet color


short haircut with black jet color images
2. Bob Cut with Burgundy Highlight
Black hair is usually owned by women with the darker skin. This dark skin color can go so well with the burgundy highlight on a bob cut. This hair is great for anyone with long or tall face. Unfortunately for women with rounder face shape, this hairstyle will not be so good.

burgundy highlight in bob hairstyle


bob haircut with burgundy highlight


burgundy highlight for bob haircut ideas


burgundy highlight ideas for bob haircut styles


bob haircut styles highlight ideas


highlight hairstyles ideas for bob haircut
3. Cascading Curls
This kind of hairstyle is always great to show off your beautiful black hair. It has fantastic texture and great for medium length hair cut. It can add a touch of sexy to the hair and the hairstyle is also eye-catching. Make big curls so that there will be more volumes on the head.

cascading curls for short hairstyle


short cascading curls hairstyles ideas


hairstyle ideas for curl hair


beautiful looking short hair with cascading curls


cute cascading curls haircut styles ideas


beautiful short cascading hairstyles
4. Bob Cut with Color
Bob cut can be combined with bright colors like electric blue or golden blonde so that that hairstyle can be fashionable and good looking. There are many different ways that you can try to combine the color to the hair so that the hairstyle can be on the list ofcute short black hairstyles 2016.

purple bob haircut styles ideas


blue colored bob haircut styles ideas


beautiful blonde bob hairstyles images


cool light green bob hairstyles ideas


cute beautiful bob haircut styles


cute pink bob hairstyles ideas


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