Best Short Wedge Haircuts for Women

Best Short Wedge Haircuts for Women Best-Short-Wedge-Hairstyles-for-Women
Best Short Wedge Haircuts for Women – There are many different hair cuts wedge that gives you the look chic everyday without being too casual or mess. This is the classic wedge haircut is great for curly or straight hair a bit, and give your hair a balanced and even look. For a slightly offbeat style that is so cool and contemporary tried wedges modified. They break away from regular haircuts to give your hair an asymmetrical look can be easily arranged in layers with a pair of scissors. You can also go to the reverse wedge style make your hair longer at the front and get shorter in the back. To draw attention to the upper part of your face, you can also go for haircuts with bangs short wedge. Get the separation side that allows the bangs hide some of your forehead for a modern look. The playing with volume and layers also make great wedges to experiment with hair color. Have fun playing up or down hairstyle toning wedge with danglers in your ears, or a touch of highlights in your hair.

Best Short Wedge Haircuts for Women Classic-Short-Wedge-Haircuts
Classic Short Wedge Haircuts

Classic wedge short hair styles look very similar to the bob hair style. However, instead of cutting your hair is straight, you want to have it quilted. The hair on the nape should be cut about 1/2 inch long with the remaining layers cut slightly longer in the direction of the Crown. Pair the look with bangs cut quite short of hair around it.

Best Short Wedge Haircuts for Women Layered-Short-Wedge-Haircuts
Layered Short Wedge Haircuts

The layered hair style short wedge may sound exaggerated, but heavier and obviously stratified than the classic wedge. The hair on the neck can be cut anywhere from 1/8 to 1 inch long. The remaining layer should be cut in lenght more dramatic because they are closer to the top of the head. Bangs look best with this style, and also should be clear-coated.

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Best Short Wedge Haircuts for Women Angled-Short-Wedge-Haircuts
Angled Short Wedge Haircuts

The angled short wedge hair style is a very stylish and look young. The hair closest to the base of the neck and the back of the head is cut shortest. The hair is then tapered and layered, the length closer to the Crown and front of the head. This created a dramatic style short in back than in front, and longer at the top than at the bottom. This look works best without bangs, or sharply angled, side swept bangs.

Best Short Wedge Haircuts for Women Short-Curly-Wedge-Haircuts
Short Curly Wedge Haircuts
Best Short Wedge Haircuts for Women Best-Short-Wedge-Haircuts-2013
Best Short Wedge Hairstyles 2014
Best Short Wedge Haircuts for Women Short-Stacked-Wedge-Haircuts
Short Stacked Wedge Haircuts
Best Short Wedge Haircuts for Women short-wedge-haircuts-for-fine-hair
short wedge haircuts for fine hair
Best Short Wedge Haircuts for Women short-wedge-haircuts-with-bangs
short wedge haircuts with bangs

Wedge haircuts creates a triangular shape around your face. It looks a little like bob hair style, only with more angles. To get a wedge, you need to cut your hair at the nape of the neck. The hair should be cut again on high you go, with the longest piece coming from the top of the head. Layering hair style will result in a thicker and wider at or above the ears, not below.

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