How to Make Women Over 60 Look Younger

It has been long times since stylists believed that not only make up could make someone look younger, but also the haircuts. If you chose the right haircuts, you could cut your age into 10 years. When someone wants modernity, trendy and updated look, the best haircut for her is wedge haircut. Wedge haircut can be worn by men and women regardless their age. Wedge haircuts for women over 60 are the perfect choice. Wedge haircut is the short on the back and the longer on the top and front with layered hairs tousling around the head. The messy look that wedge haircut is giving will make the wearer looks younger, carefree, trendy and elegant. That is the reason why women over 60 should choose this haircut.
Wedge haircut works best for straight hairs because of the straight layers. It may be hard to keep the layered hairs straight in curly or wavy hairs. You may need to spend extra times for styling your hair every day. The type of wedge haircuts which are perfect for women over 60 are the pixie cut and the classic short wedge cut. Pixie cut is perfect for women who have oval, square or triangular shape of faces. It also works well for medium to thick hairs. A bang could make the pixie cut look more stylish. You also can create spiky look by putting some gel and hairspray.
For women over 60, don’t do too much styling for your wedge haircut. Too much styling will give an impression to the other that you are trying so hard to be young again. Just combed your hair in zigzag pattern or use your hand to tousle your hair to create the messy look and give light hair spray to hold your hair in place. That are the perfect wedge haircuts for women over 60.

short wedge haircut for older women


short wedge haircuts for women over 50


older women wedge haircut styles


wedge haircut for older women


make you look younger with wedge haircut


wedge haircut makes you look younger


wedge haircuts for older women


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