10 Dorothy Hamill Wedge Hairstyle Ideas

Dorthy Hamill is not young anymore. However, when it talks about wedge hairstyle, you will surely think of her. So, if you are looking for the appropriate hairstyle for mature women, her hairstyle ideas can inspire you all. In fact, Dorothy Hamill wedge can be considered as one of the most popular hairstyles among mature women today.

Best Dorothy Hamill Wedge Hairstyle

Wedge haircut can be done in various ways. The following hairstyles inspired from Dorothy Hamill will be great to follow:

1. The Pixie

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This is one of her best classic looks with short hairstyle. This chic hairstyle surely makes you look younger that you really are. So, you do not need to worry about your age that gets older and older.

2. The Bob

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When you look at this picture of wedge haircut, you will remember Dorothy Hamill. This bob hairstyle is not only great but also low maintenance. This bob is also appropriate for any woman who wants a low maintenance low hairstyle.

3. Lighter Shades

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This one is another example of Dorothy Hamill hairstyle. This one is fuss free. Besides that, this hairstyle is also easy to style. It is appropriate for any situation both formal and informal like night party, holiday, etc.

4. Traditional Style

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If you love traditional style, one of the ideas that you can follow is this Dorothy Hamill wedge. This hairstyle was worn when she was still young. Today, you can see many women wear this hairstyle proudly.

5. Sweeping Side Bangs

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For you who are interested in fill side bangs, Dorothy Hamill also inspires you with this one. With this hairstyle, women will always look younger. This is also great for various situations. In addition, it also does not require hard effort to care.

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6. Center Part

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Center part belongs to one of the most beautiful Dorothy Hamill wedge hairstyles. In this hairstyle, you can see how the traditional look makes her very elegant. This also creates easy going look because it likely looks more informal.

7. Free Flowing Style

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Everyone cannot forget this hairstyle. This is worn by Dorothy Hamill when she was young and it is really inspiring. This longer bob comes with free-flowing style. It may look a little bit chaos but it is very low maintenance.

8. Tapered Style

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Her signature look appears when she wears this parted hairstyle. It leaves bangs across the forehead. It also brings youthful look so that this is recommended for older women. Now, you can look stylish with low maintenance hairstyle.

9. Feathered Style

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It can also be a good alternative. This is similar to side feathered back. In this hairstyle, she makes bangs off to the sides. It totally improves your look without changing your character and style.

10. Pinned Back

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Another best option of Dorothy Hamill wedge is her pinned back hairstyle. The sides pinned back behind the ears really make a different appearance. Everyone will not notice that you are that old.

Description: Dorothy Hamill wedge is really inspiring. If you are interested, you can try one of these hairstyle ideas she has ever worn.

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