3 Best Wedge Haircuts for Women over 60

Hairstyle is very important for women even when they get older. Usually, young women pay attention so much to their hairstyle because they want to attract others. However, the fact says that older women also want to look chic even they are over 60. Today, you can find so many ideas of hairstyle. For older women, one of the best hairstyle ideas is wedge haircut. This haircut can be applied in various styles or models. So, if you are interested in wedge haircuts for women over 60, you need to pay attention the following best ideas.

Why Do Wedge Haircuts for Women over 60 Are Good?

As we know, the appropriate hairstyle will make you look modern and even younger. Of course, everyone wants to look younger in their old ages. However, it is not easy to find the ideal hairstyle. If you are confused to find the best hairstyle for you, we recommend you to try wedge haircuts. For your information, wedge hairstyles for women over 60 can be mid-length or very short. Besides that, the angles are also usually to be cut to complement your features. So, we can say that wedge hairstyle will be perfect for older women.

How Can You Apply Wedge Haircuts for Women over 60?

Now, there are many old women who are interested in this hairstyle. Wedge haircut is not only appropriate for old women but also women at any age including teenagers. That is why this hairstyle is really popular now. Even more, this hairstyle is also ideal for you with any hair color. This is also flexible. It means wedge hairstyles for women over 60 can be worn for you who love mid-length hair or very short hair. In this article, we will share some ideas of wedge hairstyle that you can follow:

Short Angled Wedge Haircuts for Women over 60

3 Best Wedge Haircuts for Women over 60 short-angled-wedge-haircut-makes-you-look-younger

Do you often feel unconfident with your age? It is not a big problem. You can get rid of that feeling by changing your hairstyle. In this case, it will be a good idea for you to consider trying short angled wedge. As one of the most elegant wedge haircuts for women over 60 years old, it is typically layered to make an edgy. Besides that, it also belongs to low maintenance haircuts so that it is very ideal for old women. Based on the history, this hairstyle was firstly very popular in 1970s.

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To create a short angled wedge, the hair that is close to the head back & neck nape should be cut short. After that, your hair is layered & tapered at the long lengths close to the head top & crown area. In the finish, your hair must be really short at the back and also longer at the top & front. For the best result, it should not apply bangs. Besides, it will work best with sharply angled bangs which can be swept to the right or left side depending on your desire. Anyway, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the wedge haircuts for women over 60 with most elegant look.

Short Layered Wedge for Women over 60

3 Best Wedge Haircuts for Women over 60 pretty-layered-wedge-haircut-for-women-over-60-with-thick-hair

If the first wedge hairstyle makes you look elegant, the second one creates youthful look. Short layered wedge is similar to pixie cut. It works perfectly on almost all shapes of face. For example, this will be nice for an oval face. Besides, oblong face will also looks good with this wedge hairstyle. Then, this is also recommended for old women with a square face. Even more, it also still looks fine on triangle faces. For the thickness of the hair, it is best for medium to thick hair. Everyone will agree if it belongs to the most interesting wedge haircuts for women at 60 up.

This hairstyle is not difficult to follow. To follow this hairstyle, you have to cut your hair short to the nape of your neck. You can use a sharp razor you have. After that, the mid-length layers should be cut around your crown area. It functions to add the height. Mostly, this is styled with mid-length bangs. It can be worn down at your forehead top. Alternatively, you can sweet it off to the right or left side and then it is secured with a barrette or a clip. Overall, it becomes one of the wedge haircuts for women over 60 most inspiring.

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Classic Short Wedge for Women over 60

3 Best Wedge Haircuts for Women over 60 beautiful-classic-short-wedge-haircut-for-older-women

If you are looking for the most famous wedge haircuts for above 60 year old women, this one can be the one you want to find. This is considered as the most favorite wedge hairstyles all of time. You may look that it is very simple. But that is what makes this wedge hairstyle interesting. This hairstyle can be worn by adult women to older women even 60 years old or older.

It is easy to follow this. You can start classic short wedge by cutting your back hair very short. However, you have to keep in mind that you need to cut longer layers at the sides and top of your head. Then, the hair is layered again using a razor to add height and dimension to the sides and top of head. This can be style with gel to make a spiky appearance. Alternatively, you can comb it into zigzag pattern to make an appearance of height to your hair. To hold it in place, you can spray your hair with a light misting of firm holding hair spray. So, we can say that it belongs to the most advised wedge haircuts for women over 60.

That is all the best options or ideas of wedge hairstyles that we can recommend to you all. Now, these wedge hairstyles prove that age can be just a number because you can still look chic and sweet at your old age. Hope these wedge haircuts for older women that can inspire you all.

Description: Wedge haircuts for women over 60 will be a great plan. With wedge haircuts, you will still look elegant, sweet and chic. So, you can try these ideas.

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