30 Things to Do While Social Distancing if You are an Older Women

Many things are prohibited and canceled to prevent the new virus Infecting more people. As the only solution since vaccine and cure does not exist (in the time of writing this article), social distancing can be really boring for lots of people. 

Actually, there are lots of things that you can do while you stuck inside due to a pandemic. Even for elder women, to help flatten the curve and keep yourself safe from virus infection, it’s better to stay inside and do things that maybe you never thought before, or even better, you can do things that you’ve postponed before.

These are things to do while social distancing

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  1. Browse online for an easy healthy recipe.
  2. Look for tutorial online, it’s never to late to learn new things.
  3. Watch that old films that became your favorite when you were young.
  4. Knit or crochet.
  5. Video calls your old friends.
  6. Write things, idea, you can become a novel writer.
  7. Browse Pinterest and try to reproduce what you see.
  8. Learn how to style your own hair, YouTube can help you with that.
  9. Talk with your grandkids about their lives or hobbies.
  10. Make list of things for which you are grateful.
  11. Teach your child or grandchild how to cook your family recipe.
  12. Read untouched books.
  13. Count your spendings last year.
  14. If you have a dog, teach your dog useful things.
  15. Thinking of getting new frames? You don’t need to get out to find a new frames, and you can try virtually on glassesusa.com.
  16. Learn origami.
  17. Do you have plants? Give extra attention to your plants.
  18. Write a song, or rewrite your all-time favorite song.
  19. Find inspiration online. It’s never too late to know new things.
  20. Read a comic.
  21. Create a journal.
  22. Learn about gardening or playing instruments.
  23. Doing karaoke like a star.
  24. Take a nap.
  25. Have a dance party with your family.
  26. Try to create a fun video yourself or with your family members.
  27. Bake something that you can share to your family.
  28. Craft things.
  29. Decorating.
  30. Watch a new show.
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That’s all the list of things to do while social distancing to keep your day colorful and to keep your sanity. Actually there are still lots of interesting things that you can do, we will share those things in another article. Stay safe and stay healthy
, wash your hands regularly, and do not touch your face.

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