6 Trendy Medium Length Hairstyles to Enhance Your Look

If you do not love short hairstyle but you do not want to go with long hairstyle, why do not you choose medium length hairstyles? Medium hairstyle is the most ideal hair for every woman. Today, there are thousand ideas of shoulder length hairstyles you can try. All of them can enhance your look significantly. Therefore, you have to find the best one.

How to Wear Medium Length Hairstyles

If you are looking for the appropriate hairstyle with medium length, you can consider the following most beautiful ideas below:

1. Slight Side Parting

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Sometimes, being beautiful is simpler than you imagine. This blunt shoulder length hairstyle comes with slight side parting that makes you look much more beautiful. It works best on a rectangular or square-shaped face. The side parting causes your front hair to cover your wide cheekbones as well as large forehead. You can consider thin side bangs to add this look.

2. Incomplete Wavy Mess

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What you need to do to get this look is to create waves. The waves build up your hair volume. With this hairstyle, you will look messy. The incomplete waves are really impressive. In this idea, you have to keep the hair in curler around 5 seconds. After that, run your fingers through the hair while it cools down. Then, part the hair on one side. It aims to add height to the face & make it look longer.

3. Gradual Lob

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We all know how lovely Olivia Munn’s hair is. In fact, she wears a gradual lob. This hairstyle requires longer hair at front and shorter at back. You can leave the length based on your desire but ideally it should graze your shoulders at front. It does not need a parting. Rather than getting combed part, it is better to mess around with the hair to get the ideal look.

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4. Textured Lob

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This hairstyle really looks stylish and is excellent for any woman who has wavy hair. This shaggy & textured haircut really adds oomph to your style. It comes with feathered ends that make your hair appear full. Besides that, the dark roots will make your face look more ideal. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear this hairstyle.

5. Turned-in Hairstyle

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If you want to transform a hairdo, it is a good idea to consider deep side swept bangs. These beautiful bangs work well on your medium hair length. With light color, your bangs will accentuate your beautiful eyes. It also comes with curled-in ends that streamline your jaw-line perfectly and even make it appear sharper.

6. Wavy Bob

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If you are interested in medium wavy hairstyles, you can consider wearing a wavy bob. This hairstyle looks really excellent for any woman. It has side bangs that are uplifted with a round brush to add hair volumes. There is only one word to describe this hairstyle: stunning. Hopefully these medium length hairstyles will really inspire you all and you can find the most ideal one.

Description: Medium length hairstyles can be applied in different options. Here are some medium hairstyles that will really enhance your look.