66 Best Hairstyle Ideas for African American Wedding

Wedding is very joyful because it is a great celebration. So, if you are going to get married, you have to plan it properly. One of the most important things to plan is related to the hairstyle. Being beautiful in the wedding celebration is the right of everyone including African American. When it comes to African American wedding, you can take inspirations from the following hairstyle guides.

African American Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Finding the most ideal hairstyle is not easy. However, we have some inspirations for your wedding hairstyle. The following hairstyles are designed for African American. Now, take a look closer to the following hairstyle ideas:

Big Bun and Braid

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If you are looking for African American straight hairstyles, this big bun and braid hairstyle can be a good choice. The huge bun creates an ultimate smooth for your wedding hairstyle. It is paired with large braid that wraps around to hold up the bun. As the result, this is almost perfect. With this hairstyle, you are ready to celebrate your wedding all day & night.

Big Luscious Shoulder Length Curls

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In your wedding, you can also wear big luscious curls with shoulder length. This fabulous hairstyle requires volumes. Anyway, it is really super glamorous. If you are interested in this hairstyle, you need to use extensions or weave or wig especially if you do not have natural volumes. Even though it is not that simple, this will work very well on African American wedding.

Side Swept Curl Bob

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This side swept curl bob really looks cute and can be worn anywhere & anytime including in wedding. This African American bob hairstyle requires super smooth wave & side swept that create a beautiful vintage appearance. It is not only appropriate for a wedding bride but also for a lucky guest. This hairstyle is short enough so that you can manage it easily. However, you can also experiment this with the longer hair.

Curl Chignon

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African American perms can also be worn for wedding hairstyle. This smooth & stunning chignon bun really looks elegant and it will bring you to a new level. It has defined flow to the back that is captivating. Besides that, it also opens up your face a lot. Even more, you can also show off your eyes. Anyway, this hairstyle is recommended so much for African American girls.

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Big Curls and Smooth Side Swept Up-Do

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If you are brave enough, this hairstyle idea can be worn in your wedding. This looks very sweet and is lovely for every bride. To get this hairstyle, you need to go with well-defined curls. Besides that, you should pair it with side swept. Then, you can accessorize it with a beautiful veil and a pearl comb for more stunning look. With this hairstyle, all eyes will focus on you.

Straight Full Braid

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As we know, braided hairstyle is one of the most beautiful styles in wedding. So, you can also consider it. In African American wedding, we recommend you to wear straight full braids. It looks natural but very sweet and chic. It requires side swept big braids. Besides elegant, it also brings romantic look. If you think that it is somewhat plain, there are many other ways to create the braids. You can also consider some accessories such as pearls, gems, etc. to add sparkle, it will be a good idea to add tiara.

Braided Pompadour Up-Do

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It is considered as one of the most elegant African American bridal hairstyles. Pompadour keeps your hair beautiful in style. If you want more sparkling effects, you can consider adding some gem tipped pins or pearls. At a glance, it may look a bit complicated. However, you can add some volumes easily if you need.

Slicked Back Hairstyle

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If you have natural cropped short hair, this can be a good solution for your wedding hairstyle. It really works very well for every African American bride. In this idea, you need slick your hair back first. After that, you need to wear a beautiful crown & veil like this. The high crown is really beautiful. You can wear your desired crown and veil because there are so many options available.

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Curly Locks

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Talking about African American wedding, a bride with curly hair will look hot if it she combines it with dreadlocks. Paired with a veil, this works prettily. You can also attach a headband to the veil because it is easier for brides with dreadlocks. However, you can still consider other attachments.

Long Curly Ends

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If you want to look like princess in your wedding, this hairstyle is perfect for you. It is appropriate for brides who love long hair. With your long hair, you have to create curly ends. In this idea, we recommend you to accessorize this simple but beautiful hairstyle by wearing a rhinestone chain head piece.

Bun with Feather and Gemstones

If you love a classic style, this simple bun can be worn in your wedding. After you create a simple bun, you just need to add some attachments. In this idea, we suggest you to add beautiful peacock feather and gemstones. Besides simple, you will also look fresh with this hairstyle. In addition, it brings youthful impression.

Major Flower Power

With your natural African American hair texture, you do not need to do much on it. What you need to do is just to accessorize it with some flowers. With this natural hairstyle, you will look very sweet in your wedding.

French and Rose Braid Up-Do

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This hairstyle can also be worn in African American wedding. It has amazing & intricate look. The rose look is really fabulous. However, it requires a good talent to recreate this hairstyle. So, you have to make sure that you hire a professional hairstylist because it takes a lot of time to recreate this hairstyle.

Description: African American wedding should be planned properly. For brides, you can wear one of the following best hairstyle ideas.

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