7 Most Stunning Short Wavy Hairstyles

You may be impressed with short wavy bob of Jennifer Lawrence or shoulder length waves of Margot Robbie. Anyway, short wavy hairstyles are always beautiful. So, you can also wear this hairstyle. If you have natural wavy hair, it will be better. However, if you do not have natural waves, there are some ways to style your hair.

How to Create Short Wavy Hairstyles

There are some ways to do if you want to create short haircuts for wavy hair. You have to choose one that suits your style. Here are some of the ways that you can follow:

1. Short Wavy Bob

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Short wavy bob is now a trendy. In this case, you can try new layering technique. The feathery layers look messy. You can also add drama by styling your hair with deep part. Alternatively, you can spritz the hair roots using sea salt spray. It amplifies the waves. Creating a playful bob can also be an alternative.

2. Bob with Bangs

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As we know, bangs always bring extra element to plain hairstyle. Besides that, it also works well for edgy women. Short wavy hairstyles with bangs can be a good option because this is easy to get. You can also choose different lengths of bangs. It means, this hairstyle can be worn by any women with different shapes of face.

3. Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

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This is a quirky and unique style with modern look. If you are bored with straight asymmetrical hair, you can add waves. Subtle side bangs can also be added so that the asymmetrical shape is not too lopsided.

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4. Wavy Inverted Bob

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It belongs to the most favorite hairstyles among female celebrities. It is really on trend today. In this hairstyle idea, you have to place the length at front whereas the back can be shorter. Short or long waves will work well for this style. If needed, you can also use trusty sea salt spray to get the waves.

5. Pixie Cut

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Pixie cut can also be a nice alternative for you who are interested in short wavy haircuts. In this case, you can try either short all over the head or longer at the front. For sexy look, you should create waves & length at the top of crown. It means, you may style it into straight back or side part.

6. Short Hairstyle with Middle Part


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Middle part is a classic hairstyle. However, when it is paired with short wavy hair, this will work very well. It is ideal for any face shape but the best one is for oval face. With smooth waves or shag, this creates stunning look. The casual waves will result to chic style.

7. Wavy Bob Hairstyle with Side Bangs

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Side bangs arguably have feminine touch. That is why it is suitable for women who have feminine style. To get the short wavy hairstyles, you have to keep the bob with shoulder length. Shorter length will not look good.

Description: Short hairstyles can be created with different ideas. Here are the plans that will give you stunning look with waves.

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