72 Cute and Chic Asian Hairstyles for Women

Asian girls always look very beautiful. Besides the skinny face, there are also some other factors that make them look beautiful. One of them is related to the hairstyle. Asian hairstyles for women are really flattering. If you are interested, you can try some trendiest Asian hairstyles. We have some collections of best Asian hairstyle ideas. So, you may take inspirations from these.

Top Asian Hairstyles for Women

Before you decide to select your favorite Asian hairstyle, you have to compare some of the best options. Asian hairstyles look simple but chic and sweet. If you do not have any idea, here are the most popular Asian hairstyles 2018 that you can try:

Medium Bob With Bangs 72 Cute and Chic Asian Hairstyles for Women Medium-Bob-With-Bangs-Asian-hairstyles-for-women-1

To elongate your face, medium bob can be a good option. This medium length bob is excellent to be paired with long bangs. However, not every girl can wear this hairstyle. It is only appropriate for girls with thin straight hair. For the bangs, side swept is the best option because it can elongate your face well.

Elongated Bob 72 Cute and Chic Asian Hairstyles for Women Elongated-Bob-Asian-hairstyles-for-women-1

If you cannot forget about longer hairstyle completely, this elongated bob can be a good alternative. It requires short strands hanging on the both sides. It creates longer hair impression. However, it is not really long. This hairstyle is really identical to Asian hairstyles for women. Many girls love it so much because it is not only easy to create but also easy to maintain. You can also add some layers if you want.

Wispy Bangs 72 Cute and Chic Asian Hairstyles for Women Wispy-Bangs-With-Bangs-Asian-hairstyles-for-women-1

Many Asian hairstyles come with bangs. If you are also interested in Asian hairstyles with bangs, it will be a good idea to wear wispy bangs. This belongs to short hairstyle and has unique look to make any girl seem younger. In fact, wispy bangs can bring youthful look and brightness. You do not need to worry about the hair length because it works on any length or fringe. You can also pair this cute hairstyle with a hat to make you look sweeter.

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High Pixie 72 Cute and Chic Asian Hairstyles for Women High-Pixie-With-Bangs-Asian-hairstyles-for-women-1

If you are looking for Asian hairstyles for round faces, high pixie can be a good solution. This is recommended so much for every Asian woman who want to keep heads turning the way surely. This will work best on girls who have thick & unruly hair. This hairstyle will take slight maintenance to keep your hair on the top neat. With this hairstyle, your face will also look more ideal. However, it is not appropriate for thin hair because it only works well on thick hair.

Medium Length Haircut 72 Cute and Chic Asian Hairstyles for Women Medium-Length-With-Bangs-Asian-hairstyles-for-women-1

If you do not love bob and pixie, you can consider medium length haircut. It will be a nice option for every Asian girl who has thick & manageable hair. It takes much time to keep this hairstyle neat. As one of the most recommended Asian hairstyles for women, it will be a good idea if you create side parting whether it is right or left side parting. Then, you may also consider creating curls or waves on the hair ends.

Textured Pixie 72 Cute and Chic Asian Hairstyles for Women 2-1

The next hairstyle idea is textured pixie. It is considered as one of the most beautiful Asian short hairstyles. It is appropriate for girls with fine & frizzy hair. If you want to wear this textured pixie, you cannot go with too long hair on the back of head. On the other hand, you should leave long strands on the front. You can follow this messy hairstyle easily. It brings young & Spunky look. That is why many Asian girls love this hairstyle so much.

Messy Pixie 72 Cute and Chic Asian Hairstyles for Women Messy-Pixie-Asian-hairstyles-for-women-1

If you have a square face shape, there are some Asian hairstyles for square faces that you can try. One of the best options is messy pixie. This is another idea for low maintenance hairstyle with short hair. You can consider longer leveled pixie if you have thick hair. It looks really awesome even when your hair is not brushed. In addition, you can also create asymmetrical strands on both sides as well.

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Asymmetrical Bob 72 Cute and Chic Asian Hairstyles for Women Asymmetrical-Bob-Asian-hairstyles-for-women-1

The next hairstyle idea is asymmetrical bob. It is recommended for girls who have an oval face. This hairstyle really makes you shine. In this hairstyle idea, it will be great if you go with shorter hair on one side. It really looks incredible. Adding some bangs that outline your face will make it perfect. Anyway, it belongs to the best Asian hairstyles for women.

Ragged Bob 72 Cute and Chic Asian Hairstyles for Women Ragged-Bob-Asian-hairstyles-for-women-1

Still related to bob hairstyle, there is another nice alternative called ragged bob. This version of bob is excellent for Asian girls who have thick hair and want low care hairstyle. It may be a difficult task for your hairstylist to create the ragged asymmetrical sides with a good shape. You can see how truly amazing the result is.

Eye Covering Bangs 72 Cute and Chic Asian Hairstyles for Women Eye-Covering-Bangs-Asian-Women-Hairstyles-1

Usually, Asian girls want to make the eyes look bigger. A good way to do is to wear a hairstyle with eye covering bangs. This will make every Asian girl look mysterious. However, you have to ask to yourself whether it is nice for you or not. In fact, some women do not feel comfortable with the bangs.

Loose Low Ponytail With Casual Side Bangs 72 Cute and Chic Asian Hairstyles for Women Loose-Low-Ponytail-With-Casual-Side-Bangs-Asian-Women-Hairstyles-1

Ponytail is not too often worn by Asian girls. However, you can try this loose low ponytail. To add the style, we recommend you to create lovely side bangs. It really looks casual and also beautiful. The appearance says everything so that we do not need to say more.

Low Bun With Side Swept 72 Cute and Chic Asian Hairstyles for Women Low-Bun-With-Side-Swept-Asian-Women-Hairstyles-1

If you want to look elegant with long hair, this low bun may be a good hairstyle for you. This sensational hairstyle will work best with side swept. This is a perfect choice for brunette and blonde. It can create a sexy look. Therefore, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the most beautiful Asian haircuts for women.

Description: Asian hairstyles for women are available in various ideas. Here are 12 best hairstyle ideas that can be worn by Asian women.

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