9 Most Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Usually, women prefer long hairstyle when it is purposed for wedding. However, long hairstyle is not a must for wedding. You can also try different style with short hair. However, it should be chosen carefully because the options are not as many as long hair. So, we will give some inspirations of wedding hairstyles for short hair.

Bridal’s Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

It is right that short hairstyle has more limited options especially for wedding. However, you have to do some tricks so that your short hair will look great for wedding. We have some short hairstyle ideas recommended for bridals:

Chic Up-Do Hairstyle

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It will be a good idea if you consider wedding hairstyles for short hair updos. If you have a trouble to transform short hair into ponytail, you can still create this chic Up-Do. With hidden pins, you can add decorative clips. Besides that, you can also make your hair more beautiful with the appropriate product. Then, you will have a beautiful hairstyle like your dream. This is recommended for you who have grown-out bob & lob. Anyway, this chic Up-Do will be a perfect choice to make every bride look beautiful in her wedding.

One Side Pinned Back Hairstyle

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Who says that wedding hairstyle is always intricate? With this one side pinned back hairstyle, you can feel how simple it is. That is why it is considered as one of the most advised wedding hairstyles for short hair. Wearing this hairstyle means that you add an old Hollywood glamour touch. If you want, you can also add silky smooth curls. Then, clip or pin back your hair in one side. It is all about the bling and the shine. Therefore, you have to make sure that the locks are on point. So, your clips will perfectly be beautiful.

Wrap-around Braided Hairstyle

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You can also consider short wavy hair for wedding. In this case, we recommend you to wear wrap-around braid. This is recommended so much for you who want to hold an outdoor wedding celebration. This simple hairstyle will combat the wind and stays out of the face. This hairstyle adds a beautiful bohemian touch which works very well in natural setting. We recommend this hairstyle for a bride who has thin hair. In this hairstyle, you can pair the thick braid with tousled waves. Then, you will achieve a chic look.

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Short Bob with Middle Parted Hair

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Do you want to look like a queen in your special day? You can realize it by wearing this hairstyle. In this idea, you just need to create a middle parting. Besides that, you can pair this hairstyle with flower crown on the top of your head. It makes this hairstyle even sweeter and simpler. However, you can see how awesome it is. Actually, it works nicely on longer bob. However, short bob is appropriate for you who want a different style. Anyway, it becomes one of the most impressive wedding hairstyles for short hair.

Short Curly Bob Hairstyle with Bangs

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If you want a short curly hair for wedding, this idea will suit you. Firstly, you have to cut off your hair shorter. After that, you need to create curly bob simply. Do not forget to create chic side swept bangs. This hairstyle looks natural. If you want more romantic impression, it will be a good idea to wear an oversized crown from flowers. It is best paired with white wedding gown. It works very well on any bridal who loves natural appearance. However, it is enough to impress everyone who attends to your wedding party.

Short Thick Curly Hairstyle

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If you want to make your special day perfect, you have to find the best hairstyle to impress everyone. If you do not have any idea, you can go with thick curls. This belongs to feminine hairstyle because of the beautiful look. It requires you to create beach waves with your curly hair. It is recommended for women who have short thick hair. To add the impression, you can also add a hair pin or clip simply. It also keeps your appearance from overpowering your face.

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Tight Curly Hair with Birdcage Veil

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If you have natural curly hair, you do not need to straighten it. You can go with short curly hair in your wedding day. This can be one of the best wedding hairstyles for short hair. In this idea, you need to cut off your curly hair shorter all around the world. You are allowed to color the hair based on your desire. Then, it will be a good idea if you wear a blue birdcage veil. This will be perfect for any bride.

Short Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

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You can also consider wedding hairstyles for short hair half up half down. This becomes an excellent choice if you cannot choose up do or hair loose. It creates amazing look. This hairstyle incorporates your hair with feminine look. Besides that, it also keeps the hair off your face. Anyway, this hairstyle can be a good idea to add polished elegance. With this hairstyle, all the guests in your wedding celebration will be impressed. If commonly half up half down hairstyle is worn by women with long hair, you can go different confidently with your short hairs length.

Pixie Cut with Beaded Headband

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Extremely short hairstyle can also be worn in your wedding celebration. You may think that it is strange. However, it makes you look fresh. It also shines brightly. This hairstyle can be recreated easily and managed simply. However, the result is very sweet and chic. If you want to add accessories, a beaded headband can be perfectly paired with it. With this hairstyle, you can also show luxurious jewelry like earrings. In addition, this hairstyle can also be combined with any wedding gown. Hopefully these wedding hairstyles for shortened hair can inspire you to find your favorite style.

Description: Wedding hairstyles for short hair come in some limited options. These short hairstyles may suit you. So, you can impress everyone with one of these hairstyles in your wedding celebration.

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