Appropriate Short Curly Hairstyles for Older Women in 2020

The curly hair is a blessing because of a few reasons, but for those who don’t know how to treat their curly hair, the curly hair can be frustrating to work with. If you don’t know what and which hairstyles is look best for you, we will help you find the next style for your curly hair. Keep reading the article below.

The best short curly hairstyles for older women that you can wear in 2020

Many women over 40 thinks that short curly hairstyles for older women is not much. Well, there are lots of variations of well-known hairstyles that beautiful with curly hair. You can take short curly wedge hairstyles as an example. There are also lots of options of short curly hair color if you want to make it different than everybody else.

There are lots of styles that you can apply to your curly hair, no matter what is the face shapes. We will share lots of short curly hairstyles that look pretty on women with square face, round face, heart shaped face, and diamond face.

#1. Short curly wedge hairstyle

Appropriate Short Curly Hairstyles for Older Women in 2020 short-curly-wedge-7

The wedge hairstyle is a hairstyle that looks familiar on older women. It is simple, appropriate, and doesn’t require much attention to take care. There are also quite a few variations of the short curly wedge hairstyles that you can apply.

The wedge hairstyle looks perfect for older women with any face shapes, round face, square face, heart shaped face, or diamond face. Looks perfect on pretty much everything.

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#2. Short curly bob

Appropriate Short Curly Hairstyles for Older Women in 2020 short-curly-bob-hairstyle-8


You don’t have to wait your hair to grow longer to wear the bob hairstyle. With your short curly hair, bob hairstyle can be applied. To make it look good, it depends on how you want it and your daily activities. If you want to keep it simple and low maintenance, the classic short curly bob hairstyle already looks good on pretty much anyone.

And how does it look with every face shape? Well it looks awesome already on every face shape. But, if you want to make it very short curly bob style, then I suggest it perfectly looking for women with an oval face shape, diamond face shape, and heart face shape. If you have a round or chubby face, you can combine the short curly bob with bangs. It makes you look feminine, younger, and cute. Even when you are over 60 women.

#3. Embrace the grey hair style

Appropriate Short Curly Hairstyles for Older Women in 2020 grey-curly-hairstyle-4


When you get older, it’s no strange that your hair going grey each day every year. Instead of coloring your hair, with the right short haircut you can look appropriate and trendy with curly grey hair. You can see the pictures of short curly hairstyles for older women with grey hair that we shared.

And to make it more inspiring, we also shared the pictures of women with every face shape, so it can help you imagine yourself with the short grey curly hairstyles.


We hope you find this article useful for you. We will keep this article updated, so you can find the latest short curly hairstyle ideas.

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