The Three Best Short Hairstyles for Gray Hair (Updated 2018)

When a women gets older, she is more focus on her family, personal fulfillment and overall health. The woman is a woman, no matter what age, a woman wants the best look for herself. That’s why there is no reason for a woman with a gray hair to not look trendy and beautiful. Many older women wonders, what is the best short hairstyles for gray hair? Actually lots of hairstyle still looks good on any hair color, including natural gray that caused by age. But, we have gathered many pictures of the best short hairstyles for women with gray hair, that could inspire you.

What Kind of Short Hairstyles for Gray Hair is the Best for Me?

If you question yourself, what is the best look hairstyle that matches with my gray hair? The answer is “it depends”, every woman have different hair texture, thickness, and face shape. Older women often choose a simple hairstyle that is easy to maintain, but still look trendy and beautiful. Pixie, wedge, and bob are the most popular hairstyles that always look good for all women with any face shape, hair texture and hair color.

In this article we will cover the top three hairstyles that have chosen by many older women. Those top three hairstyles are, pixie, bob, and wedge. These hairstyles will never outdated and always chosen by older women in any generation, that’s why we will cover those hairstyles in this article.

The Three Best Short Hairstyles for Gray Hair

Pixie, bob, and wedge hair styles have been chosen by older women since long time. Not only easy to take care and require less time to maintain, the three best short hairstyles for gray hair also makes older women look younger and trendy. Continue reading the article below if you want some ideas of which hairstyle is the best for you.

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1. Pixie haircut variants that look gorgeous with gray color

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Some women consider gray hair is a benefit. Because, if you find the right haircut for your gray hair, you are not only looking fresh and younger, but you’ll look gorgeous. Maybe, your whole life you live with black or blonde hair color, with gray hair color and pixie haircut, you will find yourself different. Pixie becomes a top choice for many women over 50 and over 60, because it is the easiest haircut to maintain, it doesn’t require much time and money to taking care of pixie haircut. Also, pixie cut will look perfect with any hair color including gray hair.

2. Gray bob hairstyles that looks perfect with anyone

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If you don’t want to cut your hair very short, you still have several options of the best short hairstyles for gray hair. And, bob is one of those options, bob is the hairstyle that makes a woman look elegant, no matter how old the woman is. Bob hairstyle also has a few variants that you can choose based on face shape, hair texture and hair thickness, so you don’t need to worry about which hairstyles that look good for older women with gray hair.

3. Gray wedge haircuts

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The wedge has some similarity with pixie haircuts, this haircut, perfect for women with thick hair, and busy lifestyle. You could still look beautiful and gorgeous even with a gray hair, you don’t need to dye your gray hair because wedge haircuts look even better with gray color, many younger women dye their hair with gray color because gray color only makes wedge look more interesting. With gray wedge haircuts, you will look younger and gorgeous, and it will boost your confidence.
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