Popular Short Blonde Highlighted Hairstyles

When you have a plan to style your hair with simple and cool hairstyle, you need to know about popular short blonde highlighted hairstyles. Many women feel so happy because of their blonde hair. But, sometime they feel so confuse to choose best hairstyle. Don’t worry because of it. Try one of some popular hairstyles below.

Choosing Short Blonde Highlighted Hairstyle

There are so many types of blonde hairstyles. Actually, blonde hair will be good to be styled with long hairstyles, medium hairstyles, and also sort hairstyles. No matter the style you choose, blonde hair will look beautiful. But, short hairstyles are much recommended for you who are busy woman. Yes, busy women usually need simple style that will not disturb their task. Having short blonde hair will make them easy to do many tasks.

Try to consider about the hairstyle that matches with your face. Although short hairstyle looks simple, but not every short hairstyle will be good for you. Make sure the hairstyle is good for your face. For example if you have round face, you are better to choose bob hairstyle because it will balance your face look.

Some Popular Short Blonde Highlighted Hairstyles

There are so many short blonde highlighted hairstyles. Actually, short blonde highlighted hairstyle is a good choice for you who want have cool, trendy and boyish look. Here are some popular short blonde highlighted hairstyles in 2017:

Lovely Layers

Blonde hair is easy to be styled. By using layered hairstyle, your short blonde hair will look so beautiful. Combine it with some highlights to make your blonde hair more beautiful. This hairstyle looks beautiful and good for you who are busy woman.

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Popular Short Blonde Highlighted Hairstyles layered_blonde_short_hair_highlights_5

Blonde Bob with Flirty Bangs

For you who have a large forehead, blonde bob with flirty bangs is a good choice. Yes, this hairstyle will cover your forehead, makes you more beautiful than before. Use some highlights to make the look more elegant.

Popular Short Blonde Highlighted Hairstyles blonde_bob_flirty_bangs_6

Thin Hair Reborn

If you have thin hair, it is a good hairstyle you can try. Choose new bold colors with highlight that create beautiful look. If you don’t like bold color, you can choose deep dark blonde dyes to get a natural glow.

Popular Short Blonde Highlighted Hairstyles thin_hair_blonde_hairstyle_7

Other popular short blonde highlighted hairstyles are Illuminating Color, Mysterious Fringe Short Silver Blonde Bob, Retro Bob in a Modern Hue, and many more. You can choose one of popular short blonde highlighted hairstyles to make you look beautiful in various moments, such as Christmas, holiday, and other special event.

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