54 Awesome Short Layered Bob Hairstyles Ideas

Today, bob hairstyle becomes more and more popular on women. There are so various bob hairstyles that look impressive. That is why many women are interested in bob hairstyle. If you are also interested, you can change your hairstyle to bob. Most women love bob with layers. Therefore, in this article we will focus on short layered bob hairstyles. There are so many ideas related to this hairstyle. If you cannot find what you want, this article will help you choose the most ideal hairstyle for you.

Wonderful Short Layered Bob Hairstyles

If you wear short layered bob haircuts, you will look wonderful. You can be more confident with your beautiful hairstyle. In fact, short layered bob becomes one of the most impressive and most amazing hairstyle ideas today. Therefore, it is normal if you are interested in this hairstyle. There are many ideas related to this hairstyle. So, if you need some inspirations, you can try the following most wonderful plans below:

1. Shaggy Textured Lob

54 Awesome Short Layered Bob Hairstyles Ideas tousled-textured-lob-that-will-makes-you-look-cute

One of the most recommended short layered bob hairstyles is shaggy textured lob. This hairstyle is full of bouncy and offers shaggy attitude. It is perfect for modern hairstyle with 90s appearance. This hairstyle requires layers around your face and the back hair should stay longer. This hairstyle is recommended so much especially for you who have thin hair. For the better result, you can put the layers in a ponytail. Unfortunately, this is not suitable for ones with black hair. It is only appropriate for women with grey hair.

2. Rounded Silhouette Bob

54 Awesome Short Layered Bob Hairstyles Ideas beautiful-textured-rounded-bob-hairstyle-for-women-with-thin-hair

Rounded silhouette bob can also be considered as one of the best short layered hairstyle ideas, especially for women who have an oval face. The layers around the back & front create a textured style which is more fun and casual that a stacked bob hairstyle / sleek blunt cut. With this hairstyle, your oval face will look better. In addition, you will also look so cute with this hairstyle idea. It works best for brown hair but black hair is also allowed to apply this idea.

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3. Textured A-line Layers

54 Awesome Short Layered Bob Hairstyles Ideas cute-short-bob-hairstyle-with-a-line-layers

A-line layers become more and more popular today. In fact, it looks very nice. Even more, it will be more beautiful if you add certain texture. In this hairstyle, you can see how the difference between the front and back is significant. The A-line cut offers a dramatic shape that looks very stylish. To add the attractiveness, you can color your hair with purple. You can see how amazing it is. Therefore, we call it as one of the short layered bob hairstyles best to try.

4. Wispy Layers Bob

54 Awesome Short Layered Bob Hairstyles Ideas bob-hairstyle-with-layers-that-you-can-try-this-year

It also belongs to the most advised short layered bob haircut ideas. This idea requires wispy flicked layers around your head back. It makes this hairstyle low maintenance. What makes it good is that this is appropriate for women with wither thick or thin hair. Even more, this hairstyle also works well on any hair color including black and grey. Considering the look, this is more recommended for short women. If you have a tall body, you will look taller with this short hairstyle.

5. Layered Pageboy

54 Awesome Short Layered Bob Hairstyles Ideas beautiful-layered-pageboy-hairstyle-for-women

This hairstyle is recommended for women even though it does not look feminine especially from the back. However, it belongs to the most favorite short layered bob hairstyles for many girls. The blunt ends look simple but impressive. It also creates modern look. The edgy style is really nice to try. Besides that, of course this hairstyle is easy to maintain. So, it is recommended so much for you who love simplicity. For the best result, you can color your hair with white or silver.

6. Choppy Layers with Bangs

54 Awesome Short Layered Bob Hairstyles Ideas modern-and-cute-choppy-layers-hairstyle-with-bangs

This is one of the most popular cute hairstyle. In this hairstyle, you need to create thick, straight and long bangs. The bangs will be sleek pieces that frame your face. This hairstyle also creates a perfect shape. The choppy layers at the back of your head make the silhouette nice for women who have thick hair. For the hair color, black is the best option. However, you can also add some details such as red, blue or purple. Anyway, it becomes one of the sweetest women’s short layered bob hairstyles.

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7. Layered Curls

54 Awesome Short Layered Bob Hairstyles Ideas beautiful-layered-bob-hairstyle-with-curls

If you think that having curly hair is a big problem, you are wrong. With curly hair, you can create layers that are essential to make bouncy silhouette on your curly hair. However, you have to find the stylist who has good experience in working with naturally curly hair. With this hairstyle, you will look so cute. This is appropriate for women with either thin or thick body. It also works nice for either black or grey hair. That is why it belongs to the greatest short layered bob hairstyles.

8. Soft A-line Layers

54 Awesome Short Layered Bob Hairstyles Ideas cool-layered-a-line-bob-hairstyle-for-women

A-line layers are always fine for young women. That is why this hairstyle is more and more popular today. With soft layers, this low-key bob is perfect for professional women who are always busy because it is easy to maintain. Besides that, it also offers natural look. This is best for those who have blonde hair or similar hair color. This hairstyle always looks special every day. So, you will be more impressive anytime and anywhere.

9. Big Volume Bob

54 Awesome Short Layered Bob Hairstyles Ideas fabulous-high-volume-bob-hairstyle

You can also make yourself cuter with bouncy layers as well as deep side part. This purposes to make high volume layered bobs. Besides that, it also offers long bangs swept across your face. This is suitable for you who have large forehead. With this hairstyle, the bangs will minimize your large forehead. Besides that, this hairstyle also adds width to long face because of the big volume.

After paying attention to the best short layered bob hairstyles above, you can decide to follow one of them. You can choose the idea that you love most. In choosing the hairstyle idea, you should adjust it to your face shape, hair color, hair thickness, hair texture, and other factors.

Description: Short layered bob hairstyles come in various ideas. If you need the best ideas, you can consider these inspiring plans.

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