Top Short Sassy Haircut for 2020 that We Love

Sassy haircut always been a favorite option when it comes to short haircut style for lots of women, especially older women over 50 and 60 years old. The  sassy haircut itself has many variations that probably you never heard about before, surely in this article you will know all of the short sassy haircut variations that’s so popular.

7 Short sassy haircut that perfect for all women

#1 Stacked angled bob

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We put the stacked angled bob hairstyle because nowadays women who get older wants to look appropriate in their age. By wearing the stacked angled bob hairstyle, you will look appropriate and younger, even when you are over 60 women. Also, the stacked angled bob hair helps women who have thinning hair problem, thanks to the stacked hair that make it looks thicker, so people won’t notice the problem once you wear it.

#2 Feathered pixie haircut

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The pixie haircut is a legendary haircut style that will never be forgotten. This haircut offers many benefits to women, especially for older women. Thinning hair problem is a common thing that every older women have in life, pixie hairstyle won’t help you fight the hair thinning problem, but it will help you look awesome in your age. And, it’s also easy to maintain and doesn’t require much time and money to take care. 

#3 Temple undercut pixie

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Now, this is one of the latest short sassy haircut that got popular because of the young women in social media. They often call this summer pixie haircut, or beach pixie haircut, because the temple undercut pixie hairstyle looks so good with layers. To amplify how this haircut looks, you can add color to it, the combination between blonde and brown looks ideal for older women, and if you want to get the youth and trendy vibe, try silver. 

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#4 Layered wedge

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The layered wedge hairstyle is one of the simplest short sassy haircut that many women choose. If you want to keep how your thick hair look and want to stay trendy at the same time, the layered wedge hairstyle is your option.

#5 Edgy layered pixie

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The edgy layered pixie haircut style is the variation that perfect for women who loves the look of very short hair length. It doesn’t matter if you are over 50, or over 60, you can look perfect and younger with the edgy layered pixie. Because of its style, this haircut looks better for women who have straight thicker hair.

#6 Voluminous spiky cut

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The voluminous spiky haircut looks similar to the edgy layered pixie haircut, the difference is this haircut look way thicker. The hair spike on top of your head create an illusion of thick, voluminous hair, this helps you look healthier and younger if you are over 50 women. This hairstyle looks awesome both on thick and thin hair.

#7 Wavy bob

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The wavy bob hairstyle is a pretty common hairstyle that’s so popular among women of all ages. Just a slight modification of your hair can create a different look with the wavy bob hairstyle. Also, this hairstyle creates a classic vibe to you if you want to cut it shorter, chin length is a pretty common one. Also, try adding color to your hair to make it look dramatic and beautiful.

That’s it ladies! Hope this article helps you find the right hairstyle for you in 2020. Keep healthy and stay safe.

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