Black Women Short Curly Hairstyles for Different Look

Black women short curly hairstyles are available in many options even though they are not as many as styles for straight or wavy hair. Having natural curly hair is such a special thing. Not only because the hair look eye-catching and appealing but also the texture of the hair which is very thick and requires extra efforts to take care of it. Black women most likely have natural curly hair which sometimes makes them confused on what kind of style to use. Moreover, when you get short curly hair, the types of hairstyle that can be applied also fewer. However, if you are now having short curly hair and want get a new look, no worries since there are some hairstyle which work well for your curly short hair. Even when we define hair as short, it still comes out in various lengths. Some of them perhaps come with above shoulder-length, while some others nearly bald.

Gorgeous style

When you still have thick short hair, perhaps you can try gorgeous style. This style requires you to cut the hair in short length and combined it with long bangs. The bangs actually become the main part of this style since it makes this style completely different with other short curly styles. Different length of front and back part of the hair create messy look which look interesting and stylish. Hence, gorgeous style becomes one favourite for black women short curly hairstyles since it also offers modern look.

Black Women Short Curly Hairstyles for Different Look black_women_short_curly_hairstyle_6

Boyish Cut

While people with short hair can still play with their bangs, some of them even do not like to use too much style and choose the simplest style. The boyish cut becomes a good choice for you who want to have completely different look in 2017. To get this style, all you have to do is shaving both sides of the heat and let the middle part of the head little bit longer. Boyish cut not only gives sporty look and suitable for black women with masculine style.

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Black Women Short Curly Hairstyles for Different Look boyish_haircut_for_black_women_7

Short Side

Another good style to try if you want to have short curly hair is short side style. This style allows you to grow the hair on the top of the head longer and make both sides of the head shorter. By trimming the curly hair in short side, you will have unique look because the hair only look like on the top of your head. This style works best on black women with round face. Hence, you who have curly hair and round face can take inspirations from this black women short curly hairstyles.

Black Women Short Curly Hairstyles for Different Look short_side_natural_hairstyle_black_women_1

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