Pixie Haircuts for Women Over 60 (Updated 2018)

Being over 60 is boring for many women, but that’s wrong. You could still have fun and following the latest trends in your age, we just can’t deny that women love to look perfect in all occasions, no matter old or young, a woman always wants the best look for herself. Over 60 women often worry about what haircut is the best, because when you are getting older, you will face a common problem as thinning hair. That’s the reason why pixie haircuts for women over 60 will never outdated.

Pixie Haircuts for Women Over 60 Enhance Self-Confidence

If you worry about how you look in your 60s, what is the best haircut for your thinning hair, don’t worry about all of that. There are still lots of perfect haircuts for women over 60, but we can’t deny that pixie hairstyles are the best for older women, no matter thin or thick hair. If someone says that a pixie is boring because “there is no variation in pixie hairstyle”, don’t listen. Pixie hairstyles have lots of variation from time to time, each generation has its own pixie variation that is so famous. So, just because you are in the 60s, it doesn’t mean that you can’t express yourself with the latest hairstyles.

We will cover some of the best looking pixie for older women, no matter what type is your hair, thick hair, thin hair, wavy, curly, you can try it and make your own unique appearance with a pixie haircut. Are you ready? If yes, then continue to read the article, because we have the updated list of pixie hairstyle variants that maybe you will like and inspire you. If you love haircut with bangs, don’t worry, you don’t need to cut your bangs, because we have some pictures of pixie haircut that actually look perfectly with medium and longer bangs. Do you like a boyish cut or should we call it tom boy cut? Many women prefer very short pixie haircut not only it’s very easy to maintain, but its look perfect for them. Are you a woman with soft wavy hair, keep reading, because I promise, you will find the picture that will inspire you and look best on you.

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The Best Pixie Haircuts for Women Over 60

Which pixie variants are the best for women over 60? To get the best haircut for you in the age of 60s, you need to know what is your face shape and, what is your hair types. With knowing this information, you will easily choose the best haircut that will look fresh and trendy for you. Let’s dive into the depth.


1. The very short pixie for women over 60

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This one is the most common haircut that usually wears by women over 60. The reason why the very short pixie haircut is chosen by many older women, because, it is the easiest haircut to maintain. You don’t need to spend much time and money to take care of this pixie haircut. And not only that, very short pixie haircut also looks awesome with any kind of face shape and hair type. Over 60 women with thick hair or thin hair, square face, round face, oval face, all looks perfect with this haircut.

2. Pixie haircut with bangs

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Pixie haircut with bangs is the next most popular pixie that often wears by artist. Not only this haircut looks trendy, pixie haircut with bangs also makes any women over 60 look younger and fresh. If you have a round face shape, diamond face shape, heart face shape, and oval, pixie haircut with bangs will look awesome for you. Don’t worry about your thinning hair, because you can easily make everyone think that your hair is thick, by adding layers to pixie haircut with bangs.

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3. Soft wavy pixie haircuts for older women

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If you have thick hair with soft wavy texture, you need to be grateful, because you get lots of benefits by having thick hair with soft wavy texture. Wedge haircuts often wears by women over 60 with thick hair and soft wavy texture, but on this list of pixie haircuts for women over 60, we will give you some ideas that you might like, and possibly could inspire you.


That’s it ladies, we will keep updating this list of pixie hairstyles for women over 60 if we find something new and interesting to share, don’t forget to subscribe to our website and bookmark to get the latest pixie haircuts for women over 60

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