79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women

There are many women who love braided hairstyle. If you are one of them, you have to be selective to choose your desired braids hairstyle for women. There are many options that can make you look stylish. However, you cannot choose it carelessly. With the appropriate braided hairstyle, every woman will look very beautiful.

Best Braids Hairstyle for Women

Hairstyles with braids are always impressive. So, you can also follow wearing braided hairstyle. When it comes to braided hairstyle, there are many ways to style it. The following ideas may inspire you. So, you can choose one of the following best options:

Chunky Plait 79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women Chunky-Plait-Braids-Most-Inspiring-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Women-1

Not every woman can wear this braided hairstyle. So, you have to think about it carefully whether you are appropriate for this style or not. This braided hairstyle requires dark to light hair color as your hair tumbles down. Purple-pink braids really look awesome. However, you may also select ombre look with your desired color.

Knotted Head Scarf 79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women Knotted-Head-Scarf-Most-Inspiring-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Women-1

This braided hairstyle is often worn by black women. In this hairstyle idea, you need to wrap up the box braid using colorful fabric piece. It belongs to traditional hairstyle. Besides that, it will also take you back to the African root. Anyway, it is reasonable to be considered as one of the most popular braids hairstyle for women.

Crowning Glory 79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women Crowning-Glory-Most-Inspiring-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Women-1

As you can see, this hairstyle really looks stylish and sophisticated. If you are interested in it, what you need to do is to twist & plait the braids around across your front head to make a crowning look. Then, you may leave the rest of hair down. Alternatively, you can pin up your hair simply. Considering the look, it becomes one of the most favorite black braided hairstyles.

Punky Purple 79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women Punky-Purple-Most-Inspiring-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Women-1

The most common and popular hair color for braids is black. However, you can create punky look with purple. If you do not like natural color, you can consider coloring your braided hair in purple. As you can see, purple braided hairstyle is really eye catching. Even more, it is also very fun & vibrant. This hairstyle will add your confidence.

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Shaven Sides 79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women Shaven-Sides-Most-Inspiring-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Women-1

This is a very unique braided hairstyle. In this hairstyle idea, you need to let your hair longer in the middle and shave the sides. Then, create box braids with your long top hair. You can style the braided top hair based on your desire. For the sides, you can leave them plain or you may create certain patterns. This is appropriate for a cool black girl.

Banana & Big Braids 79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women Banana-and-Big-Braids-Most-Inspiring-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Women-1

It also becomes one of the most chic braids hairstyle for women. In this idea, you should take a big section of your hair from one side. Then, sweep it around the head like banana. After that, hold the section in place. You can style it into chunky braid on the back center of head. It works very well on girls who have longer hair.

Alpine Plaits

79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women Alpine-Plaits-Most-Inspiring-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Women-1

There are many easy braid hairstyles that you can try. This classic alpine plait can be one of them. To put the box braid into alpine plaits, it will take a few minutes only. The braids will keep the hair away from face and eyes. So, you can maintain it easily and you will be able to do your daily activities comfortably.

Knotted Chignon 79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women Knotted-Chignon-Most-Inspiring-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Women-1

Are you interested in this chic classic chignon look? Anyway, it becomes a good idea for you who love braided hairstyle. This hairstyle requires you to sweep over your top section of hair. It purposes to create a modern look through the style. It seems complicated so that you may need a professional hairstylist.

High Braided Bun with Shaved Sides 79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women High-Braided-Bun-with-Shaved-Sides-Most-Inspiring-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Women-1

If you are bored with the usual braids, you can style your braids into a high bun like this. The height of the bun depends on how long your braided hair is. However, you should not braid your hair wholly. This high braided bun will be perfect to be paired with shaved sides. The shaved sides will emphasize your features.

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Braided Hair with Top Knot 79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women Braided-Hair-with-Top-Knot-Most-Inspiring-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Women-1

This belongs to the braids hairstyle for women with medium hair length. If you decide to go with medium hair length, you may add to this hairstyle by pulling up your hair into high top knot that closes to front head. This can be used in either formal or informal occasion.

Space Braided Bun with Pig Tails 79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women Space-Braided-Bun-with-Pig-Tails-Most-Inspiring-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Women-1

This braided may not be as popular as others. However, you can also try this if you want. In fact, some women love it so much because of the unique look. To get the style, you have to separate the hair into 2 sections. After that, bring each of them up onto the top head in bun hairstyle. Instead of creating thick bun, you should let some hair flow down.

Simple Side Swept Braids 79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women Simple-Side-Swept-Braids-Most-Inspiring-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Women-1

What should you do with your braids? You should not think about complicated style because super simple braids with side swept will also look great. In this braided hairstyle idea for women, you should bring the hair up into ponytail on the top. Then, you should let your hair fall over freely to one side of head. It is really simple, is not it?

Bouffant Braided Bun With Shaved Sides 79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women Bouffant-Braided-Bun-with-Shaved-Sides-1

It will be a good idea to create a braided bun hairstyle with this cinched middle for classic bouffant appearance. However, you should then give the bouffant hairstyle a modern twist with shaved sides.

Braided Bob with Side Fringes 79 Most Inspiring Braids Hairstyle for Women Braided-Bob-with-Side-Fringes-Most-Inspiring-Braids-Hairstyle-for-Women-1

Bob braided hairstyle should not always go down. This braided bob belongs to classic hairstyle that is low maintenance. However, it is also at high fashion. If you want to make it more attractive, you can mix it with side fringes. Belongs to the best braids hair for women, it does not require any accessories. So, you can go with it naturally.

Description: Braids hairstyle for women can make you look very beautiful if you can choose the appropriate style. Here are 14 braided hairstyle ideas for you.

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