Jun 27, 2018
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Latest Short Hairstyles 2017

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Not a few women in all over the world love with short haircuts! It is because this style of hair is able to give many advantages on women’s lives. For instances; it will be able to make someone’s style more fresh, beautiful, simple, and even elegant. Therefore, most of women is the world are in love with this kind of hair. In addition, we are going to help you by providing more short hairstyles in this era, 2017 because it has many styles that can be the best exemplary for you all especially for every kinds of hair; such as wavy hair, curly hair, straight, and so on. So, for you all who want to know more related to these cuts, just check them out here now!

Textured Short Bob

The first popular hairstyles in 2017 is this textured short bob. This one becomes a trend in women’s lives; it is because this one is simple, able to shape in the head and face in a very good way, tidy, and of course able to make you look more beautiful! So, here you can turn your hair into short cut in the back and sides, and then you can contrast it with an long fridge that will make asymmetric side. Moreover, you also can give highlights into your hair so it will give best impressions into your hair.


Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Textured_Short_Bob_1


Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Textured_Short_Bob_2


Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Textured_Short_Bob_3


Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Textured_Short_Bob_4


Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Textured_Short_Bob_5


Artsy Shave

Artsy Shave is known as the hottest hairstyle in 2017! It is because this one is simple yet elegant and trendy, you can give lifeless shaved haircuts. Besides, make sure also to consider an artsy shaved especially related to the length up to top.

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Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Artsy_Shave_2


Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Artsy_Shave_4


Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Artsy_Shave_5Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Artsy_Shave_1-1

Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Artsy_Shave_3-1



Golden Blonde Layers

Other beautiful hairstyle that is popular in 2017 is this golden blonde layer. You can cut your hair into layer, edgy, and bold. This one will help you to give best impression and new outlook! Besides, for the front part you can make it longer and soften; it will make your face looks beautiful and casual. Give blonde color because it is good to against the dark roots. Consequently, you will be able to get elegant outlook!

Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Golden_Blonde_Layers_1


Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Golden_Blonde_Layers_3


Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Golden_Blonde_Layers_4-1


Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Golden_Blonde_Layers_5

Latest Short Hairstyles 2017 Golden_Blonde_Layers_2-1



In brief, you can try many styles in this 2017. Yet, make sure that it will suit into your face. So, good luck!

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